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Wow! She went brave!

“Trust that little voice in your head that says “Wouldn’t it be interesting if…” And then do it.” ~Duane Michals

The idea of having an outdoor Art show in Calgary, AB, Canada seems crazy. However, the seed was planted 2 years ago and the possibilities of having a show in this space did not go away. It was the magic of the garden and the joy and kindness of Mary, the host and owner of a historical home that made it feel like my next best step.

Almost exactly 1 year ago, I was brave enough to follow up on an offer of a lifetime. Mary began to show up to a few of my art events and it was a sign to not hesitate and “Ask for what you want!” To my amazement, Mary agreed and she also noted, “What took you so long?”…

Almost exactly a year ago we set a date for the art show, Jun 17/17. I began to paint and pray to mother nature to please cooperate with the weather. The weekend before it poured rain all day, the weekend after we had our usual Calgary June storm. The day of the event the sun came out and answered my prayers, a perfect day for a garden party.

HOPE 6X6 Oil on Canvas

Once the date was set, I began to paint with focus and a goal. To keep myself grounded I decided to paint a bird a day, as a meditative practice. HOPE was my first bird. She made me happy. I continued on and eventually had a little cheering squad to accompany me in my studio.

The accumulation of these new friends, gave me not only great joy but required me to ask for help to do the finishing if I was to meet my deadline. Thank you to my wonderful student Cindy, we got them show ready. Even Mr. Attitude was impressed!

MR. ATTITUDE 6×6 Oil on Canvas

Varnishing, finishing and wiring is a full time job in itself. Many of the birds were named after artists, musicians and others that walk a creative path.

With the help of a great team of creative friends and family….The birds found their perfect spot in the garden of this historical home. In 1946, the Allied Arts Council leased this home from the City for use as a Cultural Centre. It was a place that many artists came together to study, create and exhibit art. Since 1978, the Coste House has been a private residence.

Thanks to gracious hosts, Mary and Bob, who opened there amazing home so community could gather to enjoy a day of music, art and friends.

Lemonade was served by my art students and with the assistance of my tribe of volunteers, some lucky art pieces found their forever home.

Every event is a stepping stone to the next interesting adventure. Thank you to my book editor Elissa who shared my next dream with the guests. Sales from this show will help to fund the upcoming book I have written and illustrated.

Coming soon…“Adventures of Wilde- A Sense of Wonder.”

The best part was after the show, when I met with another artist friend who told me her 9 year old niece was inspired to have her own art show. That made all my dreams come true!

Hoping to inspire you all to have a brave moment and follow that little voice …

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