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Replenishing Creative Resources

Sharing my ideas for replenishing creative resources when the well runs dry…

Have you ever had moments that you have studio time but your artistic self feels blocked and lacking inspiring ideas?

I mostly pride myself in feeling very creative, but every once in a while, especially after a big output of energy for a show, I feel depleted, tired, and empty.  The sign posts read loud and clear that I need to work on replenishing my creative resources, fill my heart, rest and recuperate.  

When I try to slow down, I find that the thoughts in my head get very loud and busy. 

I then remembered that creativity and imagination thrive in the right brain and my thinking left brain has been on fire, happily ruling the roost and making me feel logical but less intuitive and lacking creativity. Research says this could be a myth, but feeling creatively blocked is a familiar place I don't like to visit for long. I am curious, "What you do when this annoying frustrating mood strikes and lingers… Do you sleep or go into attack mode?"

I love naps...however, my humble advice for myself, my students and anyone reading this is…

Just go to the studio, as fast as you can!

Get out the instruments. In my case, that would be brushes, charcoal or pencils.

Put on some music, dial up the volume and get dancing like a young child!

Draw, sketch, feel the wind at your back.

Get back into the body and out of the overly active bossy brain. 

Your inner child is screaming, “Pay attention to me!”

I realise after a show or big output of energy, creative resources need replenishing.

Fill your heart, rest and recuperate. 

As Julia Cameron says so perfectly in her amazing book The Artist’s Way, 

“As artists, we must realise and maintain the artistic ecosystem. Learn to self nourish, fill the well. “

Great advice and a good reminder to feed your inner child.

Here are some of my ideas to recalibrate artistic souls.

EXPLORE the neighbourhood. Walk in the rain. Crawl around a yoga mat making animal shapes.  

Build Sandcastles. Play with clay for no other purpose than squeezing a muddy stress relief ball.

INSPIRE the inner child with colouring books, stickers, doodle, read pop-up books with pretty pictures and felt animals. Think fun, magic and delight.  

BELIEVE in your ability to create, it’s never that far away.  Think about what interests you and practice mystery and not mastery.  

When ideas run dry, try igniting your other senses, light a candle or incense, baked bread or visit a bakery, drive a new highway or walk an unfamiliar route. Try out a different coffee shop, listen to a new soundtrack or an old classic, make soup, shower, swim, sweat, smell something special to ignite the soul.

Love to hear how you ignite your inner child and I strongly invite you to come out to play.  Thanks in advance for reading my blog, getting curious and sharing your ideas with this online community.

I love new friends!

In creative spirit, 



Remember, your inner child is patiently waiting for your full attention and it is so deserving!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”~Pablo Picasso



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