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What is the biggest challenge of being an artist?

Through deep reflection I have learned that it is when I am unable to paint. Full stop!

There are many common barriers that all entrepreneurs face. Uncertainty, fluctuation in income, and self doubt all come to mind.  But the worst challenge for me so far has been sustaining a head injury that prevented me physically from being able to paint while I was in the early stages of recovery. Losing my stamina, focus, and motivation were hard during that time and, when I did paint, I felt that my art didn’t look like my art - I was very disconnected from myself and to my art. That was a year ago and while I am back at the easel, I’m not yet completely out of the woods.

It was a frustrating time, but then I remembered the best art is about being present, showing up in the moment and playing with paint. I was angry and fearful about my future. I did the best to work on my art when I could and enjoyed working on small paintings because I could sit down.  

At the time of my injury, I was working on my upcoming butterfly series “Becoming” and the finished piece was a perfect mirror of what was happening in my brain. The way the monarchs flutter and move through the filtered light, constantly changing, fragmented but beautiful. Interestingly, I started this tryptic and began to accept that the fragmented style was me showing up in the moment. Body, mind and spirit. 

I called this piece “ Beautiful mind.”  

In creative spirit, 


There is no right or wrong in expressing yourself through art. Do what feels good in the moment.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.” ~Winston Churchill

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