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Value of Silence- Summer Art Camp reflections.

Silence gives answers ~ Rumi

Reflecting on my 5th annual summer art camp where I had the joy of spending a creative week with a group of young art students. I am thankful for their young energy.


I love teaching children. I suppose I am drawn to their energetic, carefree spirit.

The young artists paint and create more in this one week, nine to four day, than full time artists do.

This year I loved to watch the collaboration and kindness of the group. As we worked individually towards our final art show, they were all conscious of making sure everyone was included and safe in the group.

We packed a lot in and enjoyed 4 wonderful guest artists. Each shared their love of art and individual creative skill.

Thursday afternoon, emotions ran high with concern of making the deadline and finishing their final project. A light bulb moment happened when the pressure of running out of time was controlling our thoughts and eating away productive painting time. The groups concern of the impeding deadline was spreading and I was aware of the dangerous ripple effect. Time to regroup! The perfect answer was 30 min of silence to regain control of unproductive thoughts and channel that energy into painting. Action always calms the mind.

“Thoughts will lead you in circles. Silence will bring you back to your centre.” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

I was proud to observe that so much painting was done in that 30 minutes of focused energy that all the students nearly finished their final painting.

Friday morning was a well deserved change of pace beginning with Yoga-Nidra. This is a relaxed, meditative style of yoga using cushions, blankets and eye-pillows. Special thanks to Lori for our beautifully handmade scented eye-pillows.

We made sparkly meditation jars. Perfect for reminding ourselves to take the time to be silent when our minds start to control our thoughts. Just breathe and watch the sparkles settle. Such a simple task that is a difficult one to remember while under stress.

One of my senior art students arrived to share her talent of face painting. We had fun decorated cookies for our art show guests.

We were also blessed with Lori, our extra special helper and teacher (aka: eye pillow creator). She loves to paint also.

The best part of creating all week is sharing the work with friends and loved ones.

Michelle’s recipe for creative success: Work hard, create, celebrate, rest and repeat…

Wishing you many moments of reflection and rest this summer…

In creative spirit, Michelle


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