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Blooming Hope and Connecting the Pieces.

Updated: May 6

I love it when things come full circle and the pieces seem to effortlessly fit in place.

This past weekend was a perfect example of this.

My friend hosted a special gala and successfully gathered the community to raise funds for Huntington Disease*.  In memory of Marcene Bruntjen, for many years, I have chosen to support Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) .  The month of May is HD awareness month. This year was extra special because the painting I donated was made into a StumpCraft puzzle. Jasen is an artist and owner of the very cool locally based company StumpCraft. They make craft laser-cut, heirloom quality puzzles showcasing the best in Canadian fine art. I met Jasen and his family years ago, as I had the pleasure of teaching art ot his son Lukas.  It makes this puzzle more special for me to have watched his company bloom and now my painting “Blooming Hope”,  along with many other artists' art, are featured on unique puzzles for many to enjoy.  

Together, we connected a few pieces to support and create awareness for Huntington disease. (HD)

The painting was donated and auctioned off at the fundraising gala.  The puzzle, with many special shapes, was released and shared at the gala to raise funds for HD.  Proceeds of the sale of the puzzles will go to HSC.


This event was a perfect example of the power of community, connection and creativity.

Just like a blank canvas, we never know the end result, but coming together with a heartfelt intention in community to build support for others and their families is a perfect example of living a creatively fueled life.  Get clear with intention, set the stage for success, be curious and celebrate the power of a creative community. Then sit back and watch the change unfold in the most miraculous way!

I am happy to report the evening was a great success and puzzle sales will continue on to support individuals and families affected by HD. You can purchase puzzles from StumpCraft in Calgary, AB, online or directly from me.  If you love puzzles, from now through the end of May, purchasing "Blooming Hope" will earn you double Puzzle Points and thank you in advance for supporting a great cause.

*See below for more information about HD.

In creative spirit, 



Never underestimate the ripple effect, when something is done with heartfelt intention. 

"Each person's life is like a stone dropped into the water, creating ripples that touch and affect others in ways we may never fully understand." ~ Maya Angelou

*Huntington disease (HD) is a genetic brain disorder with physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. It is often described as having ALS, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s - all at the same time. There is no known cure. One in every 7,000 Canadians has HD and approximately one in every 5,500 is at-risk for developing the disease. Many more are touched by HD as caregivers, family members, or friends.

Established in 1973, HSC is a national and global leader in recognizing the needs of those affected by HD. The Society offers help and hope to Canadians affected by HD through service programs to individuals and families, as well as funding for cutting edge, internationally recognized research.


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