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How long does it take you to create a painting?

Updated: 3 days ago

As most artists would agree, it is a thought provoking question. My most accurate answer to date is 55 years. I am convinced I was born an artist. Every stroke of the brush holds a lifetime of memories.  Like your signature, mark making is unique to us all.

Life as an artist is similar to many professions.  A result of the time you put into it.  Each painting is a result of an ongoing commitment to show up and paint.  Every painting is a stepping stone to the next one.  

I once tried to time myself painting, so I could give this popular question an accurate answer, but creating art is not linear.  It takes time, patience and dedication.  I often lose track of time and this is a good thing in art.

One painting, I find myself  in a flowstate and the painting is an awe inspiring beautiful experience.  Other pieces I have abandoned for years before it interests me again or I paint over it.  A refreshing feeling, I encourage you to try.  

What I can recently speak to is my latest collection of work which will be on Apr 12-18, 2024 at Masters Gallery, in Calgary, AB.  For those with curious minds, the art for this exhibition took two years and two months to create because life happens in between studio time.

I have two more weeks to prepare and I am very excited to share my adventure with you that lead to my upcoming show.

In creative spirit,


“Rome wasn’t built in a day”...

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”

~Albert Einstein.

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