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Updated: May 6

Connecting with nature and expressing it through art is what I love to do. Sharing it with you is a gift.  A time to celebrate things coming full cycle.

The painting above is called “Safety in numbers.”  At a glance, you may not know what you are looking at. It is a cluster of butterflies. 

The Monarch butterflies migrate south annually from North America to winter in central Mexico. They roost in clusters high in the oyamel fir trees.  At a distant glance they look like pinecones high in the trees.  It took awhile to realise that they were thousands of butterflies with their wings tucked in. They are safe here, protected by the forest canopy and one anothers warmth.  When the sun rises and filters through the trees, the Monarchs spread their wings and fly. It is a spectacular sight to witness.  

The butterflies require a high elevation and protection of the oyamel fir forest to survive.  I learned from owner Joel, at Cerro Pelon Butterfly B&B, that the local communities depend on logging for a living but the forests are also conserved for the Monarchs survival. Together, conservation advocates, community and government officials work together to create awareness to protect the forests.  

I hope with human awareness these extraordinary butterflies can thrive for years to come.

This painting "Safety in numbers" is a tribute to the forests, the Monarchs and the community from the village of Macheros, Mexico. It is one of the pieces in my upcoming show “Becoming” April 12-18,2024 at Masters Gallery in Calgary.  This collection of art is a result of being a witness to seeing these beautiful creatures in their glory.  I hope you can stop by on April 13 to see the art. I look forward to connecting in person.

In creative spirit,


With awareness and knowledge, there can be change.

“We have the choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place–or not to bother.”~Jane Goodall

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