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Hello and Let me reintroduce myself….

Updated: May 6

I am Michelle Austen.  I am an Artist, living in Calgary, AB, Canada.

I am inspired by my imagination, flowers, nature, travel and all living things. 

I have been an artist since I could hold a paintbrush, but I credit an amazing Jr. High School teacher named Karen Ichino for really sparking my interest in art. 

My pursuit of formal art education continued in my late teens with the late Betty Macdonald. She was my mentor for over 30 years and, when she retired, I followed in her footsteps and began to teach art to children and adults in my little backyard studio.  To this day, I share her handwritten notes and beautiful colour charts with all my students.  She was a brilliant artist, art teacher and an amazing woman.  I was blessed to learn from her.

How I began…

I started my art teaching by fluke really, but it was a perfect fit … A childhood friend with twin girls that attended Calgary Arts Academy asked me to teach her girls, they attended an art school, but wanted more instruction.  I was at a pretty low point in life and needed a focus. I confessed to her, “I did not teach art!” but I agreed to help her girls.  To my surprise I did indeed have something to teach them.  Two hours went by in minutes and I loved it.  My two girls quickly turned into four and then six and that summer, many years ago, I posted “LOCAL ART CLASSES” sign in my community, converted my back garage into an art studio and filled a class with eager bright shiny creative faces. 

I am proud to say one of my first students is now an Elementary School Art Teacher, some of my now adult students now work for me and the cycle continues on… 

Many years later, my mission statement is the same:  

Providing a safe environment that aspiring artists can learn basic fine art techniques and express their creativity in a fun and expressive way.

For me, a perfect day begins with yoga, a dog walk, coffee, painting and connecting with family, friends and new people…

Thank you for following my art, which is my life. 

I am happy to have you here reading this.  

I hope it motivates and inspires you to follow your artistic journey.

In creative spirit,



A wise woman once said that to an artist, creating is like breathing.  You can't go too long without it.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

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I am an art student who has been taking Art Lessons from Michelle. In the last 3 years I have learned, improved and gained confidence by Michelle’s teaching, her encouragement and most of all her enthusiasm and love of art.


Replying to

Thank you Jeanette. I love all my students so much!

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