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Exploring Mexico and the Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

It’s been just over two years since a friend and I travelled two hours north of Mexico City to the small farming village of Macheros to visit the Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

Monarch butterflies fascinate me.  This is one of those feelings that has never disappeared and is just waiting for the right moment to take action.

From the time I saw the documentary “Flight of the butterflies” at an IMAX theatre in Victoria, BC, I have had this trip on my bucket list. I travelled to Cabos San Lucas to meet a dear friend who agreed to accompany me on this adventure and together we flew to Mexico City. We took a bus two hours to Michoacán and a taxi to the village of Macheros where we stayed at Cerro Pelon B&B.  We were well looked after here with the beautiful staff and guests and most excited to begin our day trip up the mountain to see the butterflies. Due to the altitude change, the villagers took us up the mountain on horseback. As we wound our way up the dusty trail 10,000 ft, every step seemed nothing short of a miracle. We waited patiently for the clouds to shift and the sun to shine. That’s when the magic happened and the Monarchs showed their full brilliance. 

“I can still hear the musical sound of the butterfly wings flapping in the breeze, see the sun through the trees, and the sight of thousands of monarchs flying down from the fir trees like a flowing river of orange. A spectacular sight to experience. Pure energy, rich in movement and colour. An unforgettable experience.” 

Since then, I have been attempting to capture this miraculous experience of aliveness through my art.

It has been a journey, as all creation is. The true marvel of nature has been a challenge to express with paint, but I am getting closer and I hope I do the Monarchs and their home justice.  

I am excited to share my creative journey with you in the next post. Like all experiences, it was not a direct flight;)

In creative spirit,

For more information on Cerro Pelón’s economic development of their forests, please check out this nonprofit, formed in 2017 Butterflies and Their People.


Remember, our hope can be bigger than our fears. 

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” ~Chuang Tzu

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